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Form & Function excels at ideation and strategy development, but we believe the most creative and effective part of any initiative is found in the execution. Below you'll see a few examples of some of the partners with whom we’ve had the honor of working.


Storytelling is a key element to Interscope’s success. Before Interscope’s artists like Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga were the voices behind your favorite songs, they were regular people with big dreams. And the story behind how they overcame staggering odds to achieve their life’s ambition inspires the music we love. Interscope hired F&F to help them tell these stories through a podcast, and the result was powerful. 


Worship Together empowers more church leaders than any other music brand on the internet. They came to F&F to figure out how to put a face on that relationship with their customers. F&F services on this project included ad sales, podcast creation, weekly producing, editing and writing for each episode. The Worship Together podcast is available wherever you get podcasts.


Southeastern University was a healthy and growing school, but the leadership believed that things could be even better. F&F audited their entire marketing and communication process. Those findings resulted in the ushering in of a new tech stack that included an industry-best CRM, marketing automation software and a content marketing strategy that fundamentally changed their recruiting efforts – with convincing results. 


Do you ever wish you knew the story behind your favorite song? Universal Music reached out to F&F to help them document just that. F&F created a podcast about country music’s most legendary songs from some of its greatest artists including Vince Gill, Darius Rucker, Josh Turner and Laura Alaina. This podcast goes behind-the-scenes to talk to the artists, producers and writers who created the incredible records.



Our team is made up of business leaders, storytellers, brand strategists and creatives with years of history in the media industry. To us, content isn’t the latest buzzword being held captive by marketing professionals; content should tell the story of who you are, not just market what you offer. You can reach us by emailing: admin@formandfunctionmedia.com

Brand Development

If you’ve ever felt like the aim of your organization feels a little off, or you’re not connecting with your customer base like you used to, you might be experiencing brand drift. Our three-step brand development process systematically walks organizations through a series of steps that helps you discover what makes you unique as well as your customer’s needs and how best to meet them.

From corporate nomenclature to a strengths analysis and identity creation, Form & Function has the experience you need to differentiate your brand and uniquely position your organization in your customer’s mind.

Marketing Automation

It’s time to grow your customer base by capitalizing on best-in-class software that executes on data-driven campaigns. We specialize in creating custom marketing solutions for companies of all sizes.

Organizations need to reach their customers on multiple platforms at various times and with custom language that systematically walks each persona through the customer journey. Form & Function can help bring all your different marketing efforts under one roof, so you are best positioned to reach new customers and retarget existing clients. From blogging, SEO, social media to email, we can pair those efforts we strategies that generate leads that turn into conversions.


Content Creation

Before we were an agency, content was our full-time job. Our team is made up of storytellers, brand strategists and creatives with years of history in the media industry. To us, content isn’t the latest buzzword being held captive by marketing professionals; content should give voice to who you are, not just market what you offer. We provide a way for brands to maintain an ongoing and evolving connection to the people they care about most.


About us

Founded in 2012, Form & Function (F&F) is a branding and communications firm that has become a leader in helping organizations identify and effectively communicate their story. Led by Michael Romero and Josh Babyar, who have worked together for more than 15 years, F&F is committed to helping its clients reach their goals through four core areas: branding, community engagement, and business development. 

Since its inception, F&F has been dedicated to providing their clients with the best solutions and services. Their experienced professionals have worked with hundreds of clients to develop successful and innovative brand strategies and marketing campaigns. 

In addition, by leveraging the latest technologies and data-driven insights, F&F has been able to help their clients reach their goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. Today, F&F continues to be at the forefront of branding and communications, and they are committed to helping their clients succeed in an ever-changing world.






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We love working with clients who are passionate about their product and unafraid about the work it takes to build a passionate fan base. If you’re curious about how we can come alongside your team and change the way you communicate or market your product, send us an email.

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We work with some of the best freelancers across the world. We affectionately refer to them as the Bullpen. If you’re a marketer, designer, podcaster, editor, videographer or copywriter, send us some of your latest work and why you think you might be a good fit for our projects. If we vibe with your style, someone from our team will reach out and set up an interview.

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When we’re not helping clients achieve their goals, we love working on our ideas. From video-based curriculum to podcasts, F&F is working on some great content we can’t wait for you to check out.

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